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YES WE CARE donates to Barbados Alzheimer's Association

The Yes We Care Programme of the Baobab Towers was in a giving mood in May, when it made a monetary donation to the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association.

President of the Association, Mrs. Pamelia Brereton, who accepted the cheque on behalf of the cause from the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), a regional organisation on the Second Floor of the Towers, noted she was particularly grateful for the gift.

She said times were hard and especially so for charitable organisations which were struggling to find sources of funds for various projects.

“We greatly appreciate it because things are not as easy as it seems out there and we appreciate anyone and everyone that comes forward to assist the association. We have big dreams but little money, but the organisation will continue because it means so much to me personally. When you have had or seen the situations, that is the only time you understand why people push so hard,” she said.

While noting that this particular donation had not been directed at any particular project, she reminded that there were two ongoing ones of key importance to the association. “We are still struggling to make money for the day care, even the one cent drive was not enough to do what we were hoping for. Some people think we are millionaires from that, but they seem to forget it’s just one cent.”

Yes We Care volunteer with CROSQ, Office Assistant Mrs. Maureen Carrington, who presented the cheque along with CROSQ’s Accounts Manager, Mr. Mohan Nandwani, said it was a pleasure for the organisation to have selected this month’s recipient for the donation.


Each month participants in the building’s Yes We Care programme select a charity to present funds collected from the programme’s participating agencies and organisations within Baobab Towers. This month it was the Alzheimer’s Association, and CROSQ’s turn to choose the recipient.

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