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ESD Project

THE GEF-UNEP Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Caribbean Buildings Project

“The CARICOM Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (CREEBC), Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Labelling Scheme “ 

Financing Agency 

The Global Environment Fund (GEF) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) via the ESD Project 


Component 5.1:  

Regulatory Framework to Promote Energy Efficient Buildings, Appliances and Equipment 

Implementation of Strategies, Plans and Campaigns to undertake the Education, Awareness, Communication and Promotion Programme, which will include print and other media, as well as the publication of relevant documentations – including codes and related standards – for ESD countries   

Component 5.2: Training Workshops on Regional Energy Standards and Codes, to support EEBC, MEPS and ES&L implementation in ESD Countries 

  • CREEBC Study Companion for participants 
  • CREEBC Energy Essential Publication for participants 
  • Online training of trainers for ten (10) participants per Member State in CREEBC Energy Code Requirements.