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*NB: All requests, enquiries or comments on Draft CARICOM Regional Standards out for Public Comment, should be directed through the Bureau of Standards in a CARICOM Member State.

All published CARICOM Regional Standards are available for purchase from the Bureau of Standards in a CARICOM Member State; or the CROSQ Secretariat.

All draft and published CARICOM Regional Standards are copyrighted to the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality. 

[Last updated April 27, 2022]

Name of StandardStandard ReferenceClosing Date for VotingComments
Paints –solvent borne coatingsFDCRS 48December 17, 2021This standard establishes requirements for solvent-borne coatings and primers intended for use on interior and exterior surfaces. It also includes requirements for performance and labelling of solvent-borne top coats and primers.

It applies to solvent-borne coatings with alkyd and modified alkyd resins for decorative and architectural applications.

This standard does not apply to stains, varnishes, glazing compounds, lacquers, putties, water-borne coatings and industrial coatings.
Toilet Tissue -Specification (Revision)FDCRS 51March 31, 2022This standard specifies dimensional, mechanical, performance and labelling requirements for single-ply, two-ply and multi-ply toilet tissue.

This standard is applicable to single rolls, multi-packs and cartons of toilet tissue. It also applies to coreless tissue.

It does not apply to jumbo rolls of toilet tissue.
Energy labelling-Refrigerating appliances (amendment)CRS 57:2018/Amendment 1December 12, 2021This standard establishes the minimum energy performance standards (MEPs) for refrigerating appliances and relevant test method to specify the energy label. It also specifies the energy label requirements.

At the time of the initial publication, the CRS 57:2018 did not indicate how the energy efficiency index is to be calculated and the method to be used to assign a grade to the index. In order to achieve the objective of the Programme, the standard has been amended to include the information required for the energy efficiency label.