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Quality Promotions

Quality Promotions is perhaps the newest concept to be named in the development of Quality Infrastructure. 

It can perhaps best be described as “the sustained marketing and communications of Quality Infrastructure as a driver of trade and economic prosperity for the Region to reach all stakeholders, including the media of the story”. This encompasses key aspects of marketing such as public relations, advertising, digital marketing, awareness raising, as well as some amount of personal selling of products and/or services related to QI. 

The premise behind quality promotions is to drive the development of a quality culture in the Region, through these efforts that help to bring awareness to QI and to sell the services on offer in the main pillars of standards, metrology, accreditation and conformity assessment. Quality culture has been defined as “a culture of quality consciousness and continuous improvement”. 

Within the CROSQ Network, quality promotions also encompass elements of knowledge management, data management and information technology development. These additional moving parts help in the development of strategies that make it easier for communications to take place amongst Member States and for the facilitation of knowledge sharing and collaborations.