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Regional Good Regulatory Practice Workbook



Owner: Latoya Burnham

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 30-10-2021 11:30


Regional Good Regulatory Practice Workbook

 Sponsored by Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (OACPS) – European Union (EU) TradeCom II Programme


CROSQ is particularly appreciative to the TradeComII Project of the European Union (EU), the Organisation of African, Caribbean Pacific States (OACPS) and the A.E.S.A. consortium (that acted as the implementation agency), for their support and financing of this capacity building regional initiative. The development of this workbook, that is the accompanying training tool to the Regional GRP Guide and national COP, were all researched and prepared by key-experts Ramón Madriñán and Alexis Valqui. These documents were a collaborative effort of the National Standards Bodies (NSBs) in the CARICOM Member States alongside the experts and legal team from the trade, TBT and SPS teams in Geneva, CARICOM and other parts of the world, who have been steadfast in their willingness to contribute and comment. Finally, I would like to thank the
CROSQ Team, as well as Jo-Anne Beharry for their essential role and administrative involvement in editing and publishing the documents.


This Good Regulatory Practice (GRP) Companion Workbook has been prepared, considering the needs of the users of the Regional Good Regulatory Practices (GRP) Guide (hereafter referred to as the GRP Guide) and Model National Code of Practice (hereafter referred to as the COP). It is therefore necessary to use this workbook along with the GRP Guide and the COP. For users, this workbook offers the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and acquire training on GRP specific topics through practical exercises. We recommend going through the workbook and choosing exercises related tothe topics for which additional information and training is required. This Workbook provides some useful sample templates that can be used, preferably along with the GRP Guide. This will aid in the development and implementation of state interventions or Regulatory Impact Assessments and in preparing prescriptive product regulations based on the COP adopted in your country.

This GRP Companion Workbook is recommended for new government personnel and students who desire to learn how to develop and implement policies, state interventions (SIAs) and Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIAs) as well as how to prepare, adopt, monitor and review regulations based on GRP. It is advised that all the exercises in the whole Workbook be answered and completed using the step-by-step approach presented in the Regional GRP Guide. Some of the exercises require access to information and contact with regulatory authorities, which can sometimes prove
difficult for students. If this occurs, they must seek support from their professors or instructors.
The Regional GRP Guide and its ancillary Model National COP has been divided in seven (7) sections, including the one on initial considerations. This GRP Workbook follows the same step by step approach as the one followed in the above-mentioned documents. The steps are as follows (See also Figure No. 1):

0. Initial Consideration

Step 1: Definition and Analysis of the Problem

Step 2: Assessment of Potential State Intervention Policy Options

Step 3: Documentation and Stakeholder Consultations

Step 4: Decision Making and Publication of Notice

Step 5: Implementation of the Intervention – The case of Technical Regulations

5A. Initial Considerations

5B. Preparation of a Draft Technical Regulation

5C. Adoption of a Technical Regulation

5D. Application of a Technical Regulation

Step 6: Monitoring and Review