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Standards Critical to Development Goals, says BNSI Chairman

Submitted by the Barbados National Standards Institution

Message by the Barbados National Standards Institution Chairman, Mr. Ryan Brathwaite, to mark World Standards Day 2021 – Our Shared Vision for a Better World

As a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI), along with thousands of global quality professionals, pay tribute to the collaborative efforts to develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards in the celebration of World Standards Day on 14 October each year. The theme for this year’s celebrations: ‘Our Shared Vision for a Better World’, is a timely reminder of the need for global integration, as we solve the common problems facing our communities.

In the process of restructuring the BNSI we have developed a new BNSI Strategic Plan, which not only serves the purpose of guiding and supporting the work of the Institution in the promotion of quality over the period 2021 to 2025, but also supports a higher level of productivity, innovation, competitiveness in Barbados. This Strategic Plan buttresses BNSI’s position as the leader in facilitating trade and commerce by promoting the adoption of a well-developed and internationally recognized National Quality Infrastructure (NQI), by all sectors of the Barbadian society.

The management and staff of the BNSI have certainly shared the vision for a better world as they continue to develop the country’s National Quality Infrastructure, by developing standards of critical importance to our development goals. Despite the challenges and difficulties faced throughout the last eighteen (18) months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to develop over forty-five (45) standards in the key areas of occupational health and safety, energy efficiency, tourism and food.  

In an effort to improve the quality infrastructure pillars of metrology and conformity assessment, BNSI has undertaken a phased upgrade of its laboratory services. Improvements in the physical facility have not only improved the work conditions of the Laboratory, but also equipped the Institution to better serve the demanding construction sector.  Capability improvements in compression testing and unit calibration stand to increase the international recognition of the BNSI Laboratory and strengthens the requirements of international traceability. This advancement improves quality control systems, reduces risks and demonstrates to the global community that the accuracy of measurement results produced by BNSI are bona fide.

I encourage all businesses, who wish to demonstrate that their organization is committed to mitigating the risks associated with the pandemic, to obtain membership with the BNSI towards receiving our Safe Business Verification Mark and Certificate. This Certificate signals to customers and business partners that the necessary measures have been taken to keep everyone engaging with the business safe. Not only is confidence renewed, but a competitive advantage is quickly established through the recognition of the protocols in place. I applaud the efforts of the BNSI management and staff and congratulate them on their journey through a shared vision for a better Barbados and by extension a better world. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I wish to express a Happy World Standards Day 2021 to all citizens of Barbados.

BNSI Director (Ag), Mr. Hadyn Rhynd

Comment by the Barbados National Standards Institution Director (Ag), Mr. Hadyn Rhynd, to mark World Standards Day 2021 – Our Shared Vision for a Better World

Today, as we celebrate World Standards Day, 2021, tribute is paid to the management, staff and members of the Barbados National Standards institution (BNSI), as they collaborate in the development of International Standards, in a ‘Shared Vision for a Better World’.